Awake with the Holy Spirit

“I am so tired… I really just want to go to bed right now.”
Is what I told my teammate Allison moments before we went downstairs to worship. The weeks here in Thailand are counting down, we have one full week of ministry left here at SHE and my desire to go and minister on Bangla Road is dwindling. I fall prey to the lies that there are no fruits of my labor, I come close to believing I can’t see God on Bangla Road, and to be honest, I am just physically drained and tired. Of course I don’t want to go out on Bangla Road. We were given the option to not go out, it’s always a choose to do ministry, but something didn’t settle well in my heart about not going out. I knew if I didn’t go out, I would be going against God’s heart and I just can’t do that.

Worship was amazing! Our team worshipped with 65 World Racers. The music was raw and beautiful, it was sung from the heart to give praise to the Worthy One. That night was bittersweet for us all. A team of 12 women who had done ministry with us for the last month would be leaving at 5 a.m. the next morning. God had blessed us with such beautiful friendships. We have poured into each other with love and mercy, grace and faith. To separate from these amazing women wrecked me as I worshipped. I sat there in tears as I held Lynn in my arms. Moments later Julie asked to pray over me. Hear pray was Spirit lead and life giving. I again wept as her prayers flooded my heart with the peace of the Lord. When worship was over and we prepared for Bangla Road, Becky the World Racer Squad Leader, came into our room and told us she could feel the spiritual atmosphere shift as my team came down the stairs. She said that we are worshippers and that the Lord’s presence is upon us. I was so fired up and ready to take God’s presences to the lost and broken on Bangla Road.

Ministry that night was incredible. In one conversation the Lord used a sad period in my life to speak love and hope into a man who had experienced the same thing. I felt the Lord emanating off of me as I spoke to this man. Later that night I witnessed our friend Ling, a Christian bar promoter on Bangla, witness to another bar promoter. I have been praying for weeks for God to raise up a Thai army to spread his good news to his orphans on Bangla. I walked away so astonished and to think I almost gave into my flesh to stay home and sleep.

I actually stayed up the entire night. When I returned from Bangla I was so energized and excited to about what God had done on Bangla that I couldn’t settle enough to sleep. I fellowshipped with the World Racers, we shared stories, encouragements, prayers, and laughs. Saying good-bye to them was difficult and sad, but again so amazing to have been blessed with their friendships. I felt the Holy Spirit move in me still, despite the 5:40 am clock staring me down. I couldn’t bear being in my bed. I moved to the porch to watch the sunrise and to talk to God about the whirl-wind of spiritual moments I had experienced throughout the night.
It makes me wonder what else I fall asleep to in life. I wonder what else goes by without me knowing I could have had something so much better.

 I’m done sleeping when God tells me to wake up

I’m done missing out on things God wants me to experience

I awake and alive with the HOLY SPIRIT
Sunrise in Thailand

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