to transform and empower lives by deeply connecting them with the heart of Jesus.

We do this through:

Partnership with local, trusted ministries.


Our main priority is to see and call out the good in those around us. To be love incarnate. This happens mainly through friendships made in everyday life. This also happens when we serve where it is most beneficial. We firmly believe in the spirit of collaboration. For us, that means getting behind the efforts of local established organizations.  

Our main partnership is with Bella Goose. They use business as missions to serve and empower those in Thailand. They provide vocational training for individuals seeking to leave situations of duress. There are individualized tracks, based on the needs of the individual, but they mainly train and provide resources for: business, hospitality, coffee roasting and education, ESL and personal budgeting, baking, and administration. They also provide housing for others in the community.

Through Bella Goose, we partner with Connies Home. They have a long-standing relationship with the foster care system in Thailand. They receive children who are differently abled. They also employ women who have left juvenile correction facilities. We are able to support the teachers and staff and also teach applicable subjects to the children.

Key Partnerships in Chiang Mai

Bella Goose Coffee

Connies Home

Wildflower Home

Various opportunities: English camps, refugee relief, slum visits, college ministry.


Short Term Missions Teams

We believe short-term missions play a big part in the long-term impact. While our main focus is to empower locals in their unique passions and giftings, we’ve found that short-term teams are a great way to support existing ministries by providing encouragement, service, and manpower for our partners they may have been missing. These teams were connected with our local ministry partners to extend the reach of the Gospel in Thailand, but we also seek to mentor these young men and women so they may continue to make big waves in their love for others wherever God leads.



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