Kirstin Stewart Preaching the Gospel… Say What?

“So you’re back from the dead and instigating the masses?”

If you haven’t gone to see Snow White and the Huntsman yet, you’re missing out on some awesome Jesus moments.  Basically, it’s a grown-up twist on the classic fairytale, with true love and beauty conquering over evil.  No surprises there.

But sitting in the theatre Jesus smacked me right in the face with the reality of what I was seeing on screen.  We were on our first date with a beautiful new friend from the bars and I realized: this battle is real.

See, the whole story is a battle against the evil witch who had been betrayed and used by men so many times that she has forsaken love in favor of using her beauty and power to destroy.  She must suck beauty and youth from others in order to preserve her own.  Her reign over the kingdom has poisoned it and turned everyone against each other, in fact, nature itself has died.

But there is hope.

The King’s daughter has grown in her beauty and identity and is now the only one who can destroy the witch.  The whole story is pretty much about how she realizes her purpose and the sacrifice required.  She is said to be life itself, and embodies hope for a dying people.

But things go wrong, ‘cause there are poisoned apples to be bitten.  And then, cue the Jesus music: true love wakes her from her sleep (I’ll leave you to see which beautiful man she picks).  She then leads the charge against the witch’s castle and (spoil alert) destroys the witch. Again, no surprise.

But it hit me:  Satan has perverted and twisted love and beauty for these women and men, and all of creation is groaning in pain to see the Lord glorified on His throne.  All you have to do is walk down Bangla to see how the enemy has poisoned beauty.  It’s constantly about one-upping another (one woman told me that she wouldn’t have a daughter because she might be prettier than she is) and the intent is all seductive.  And yet, no one knows who they are.  It’s about holding power over others, and yet people have no idea how to get control over their own lives.

But the King sent His Son to “instigate the masses.”  He has raised up an army of His daughters, who know their identities in Him and have been clothed in the beauty of righteousness and faith.  And we are storming the gates of hell.

Victory is coming.

(If you haven’t yet seen this movie, you need to get the heck to the theatre.  Or if you live near me you could just wait until I buy it and physically force you to watch it with me as I geek out over the Jesus moments.)

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