Love is a Battlefield

Have you ever wondered why God loves some people? This has been a recurring thought for me this week. How could God love that man when all he does is objectify, disrespect, and abuse these women? How could He love that bar owner when he/she sells out 5 to 10 girls a night and doesn't care who's self-esteem gets hurt or if they get hurt physically. As we worked the bars this week, every time I would see a man groping one of the women that work there, I would be filled with anger and all I wanted to do was lash out at him. This happened quite often and I would try to remind myself not to judge but it was becoming so difficult for me. It was becoming harder and harder to show love towards one of those men or even have any feelings other than hate when one night during worship, a member of the World Race team said something that struck a nerve. She said "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." It hit me then that these men don't do this because they wish to cause harm or wish to inflict any emotional pain on them, they do it because to them, it is normal. It is acceptable.

For the past 2 weeks that we have been here, our "theme" for the trip has been to prepare for battle. There is a spiritual darkness that will affect your heart and your soul if you are not fully dressed in God's armor. While we are speaking to these women, praying that God will give us the words to convince them to leave this life, the enemy is on the other side telling them "No, you can't leave. You have no other options, you have to support your family, this is the only way to make money, you are worthless, you will never amount to anything.", the list goes on and on. It is our job, as believers, to convince them that they DO have options, they WILL amount to something, they CAN leave. These women need hope, they need joy, but most of all, they need LOVE. If we are consumed with thoughts of anger and rage towards the men, how are we supposed to focus on the women? How are we supposed to pour out God's love with hate in our hearts? The answer to that one, ladies and gentleman, is we can't. As believers, our job is to love the men, as well. We are to love everyone, just as God loves everyone.

Basically, the point that I am trying to get across is that love, quite literally, is a battlefield. We are supposed to love these people while we have the enemy breathing down our backs just waiting for us to slip up, to give him a foothold. Unless we put on the full armor of God, we will not have the proper protection and weapons to defend ourselves against the enemy.

We are in for the spiritual and emotional fight of our lives right now. I am asking you to keep my team, as well as the other teams from other programs that are working with us, in your prayers. We are preparing for battle; I encourage you to do the same.

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