Done Not Listening

I'm done not listening.

This morning two of my teammates and I embarked on our morning prayer walk through the Red Light District. As we walked I began to pray that I would live in the Spirit today, and I asked God to lead, direct, and speak to me. As we were walking we passed a bar where a few friends of ours work; recently we have been having problems with some girls not wanting us there. The bar was empty and closed and no one was really around. Immediately, I knew I had to pray over the bar. I asked my teammates, we crossed the street and sat at a table outside. Our team leader; Kelli, began to pray asking for freedom for the girls and our relationships to be mended.

As she said 'amen', we opened our eyes and realized a man was sitting behind us; he turned and greeted us, “sawadee kap”. He then asked us if we were Christians, and said “Jesus Christ”. We began to talk to the man and heard bits and pieces of his story- how he was born in a Buddhist family and married a Christian woman. He explained how his wife taught him about Jesus and how he used to go to church. He said he doesn't go to church anymore, but he prays every day. As we were talking to him, my heart softened and I felt so much love for him. I also felt like we needed to pray for him. We asked and I began to pray for him. It was beautiful. I prayed for his relationship with Jesus and for blessings on his life. He thanked us for the prayer and we continued our walk. As I walked away I realized I just prayed for a Thai man, in a bar in the red-light district of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where Buddhism has darkened so many hearts. I realized it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't listened to God's voice and leading.

 I used to be skeptical of hearing the voice of God. I definitely didn't think I was holy enough for that, but God has spoken to me so much over the last few weeks and when I've listened, God has done amazing things! God has spoiled me in situations where I've gotten to see and pet a monkey during a prayer walk. Other times I've gotten the opportunity to pray for the sick or even a little boy in the slums.

I've also missed out on opportunities because I didn't listen to God's voice, but that doesn't mean that God is mad or dependent on me to do His work. It does mean that God wants to use me for His plan and glory here on earth, in which I am in awe. It can be uncomfortable, but living by faith is uncomfortable.

I've learned God doesn't leave us here on earth just to wander around hoping we do His will. He is alive, active and speaking to us.

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