Kap-un-ka: or in English; thank you. I have found myself saying thank you over and over on this trip and I have had a lot to be thankful for.

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend the past three months loving on the Thai people and growing close to the girls on my team. To say that my time here was good would be an understatement. I have been stretched in many ways. I have learned many new things about the Thai culture and about life in general. I now know what Taro tea is and I know firsthand what “songkran” is all about. I worked in a café for the first time and have seen with my own eyes into the hearts and lives of the girls who work in the Red Light District. I have been presented with situations when I didn’t know what to do and needed God to give me divine wisdom to make the right decision.

Thailand has presented me with an array of new experiences. I have tried on clothes in the middle of a busy sidewalk, been sprayed in the face with water guns by strangers, I have become friends with prostitutes and ladyboys, I have had long talks with monks, and I have bought food on the side of the road as part of my daily routine. I have seen people selling brooms on their bicycles and didn’t even think it was weird. I have also seen God work in awesome and subtle ways at the same time. I crossed paths with many young missionaries and met up with people that I have met in other countries while I have been here in Thailand.


I have come alive while riding elephants or taking in breathtaking views or hearing the stories of my friends in the bars. I have experienced the feeling that there is literally no other place that I would rather be then right where I am at that very moment. I have seen God’s faithfulness over and over and the unexplainable way that He works and uses His children to show others His goodness. I am so thankful for the time I had living in Chiang Mai; it will not be easy to leave this country in a week.

Each day God has had something incredible in store for me and that won’t end when I get back home. As my eyes have become open to the work that God is doing around me I have been able to become a part of it. There is no denying that this trip was a part of God’s perfect plan for my life and I am thankful that this journey has taught me new things and brought people across my path that I will never forget. I want to thank everyone who made this trip possible, thank you to everyone who supported me financially and thank you to those who believed in me and prayed for me while I have been here- Kapunka.


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