First Few Adventures 🙂


We're working on settling in and getting acclimated. Im not finding it as diffulcult as I had expected. As part of our training we were sent out on a scavenger hunt to take pictures and do certain things around Phuket, if we had any questions we could only ask Thai people only! Sounds fun right?? I was thoroughly excited. We split in teams of three and set out on our adventures. My team didn't accomplish everything on the list that we had to do but we did get a lot of the optional extra things done 🙂 lol and we had great fun.
Not going to lie the first few times approaching a Thai person I was a bit  nervous but after a bunch of mistakes in the language on my part and some good laughs with them I really started to love talking to them. God has put a love for these people in my heart that I didn't think I would get after the 1st day. I can't wait to see what the rest of our ministry holds.
No matter what it is God has promised to me that He will be my joy and my strength! Psalm 92:4-5 , 94:22