God is Truth, Truth Brings Freedom

Living with scores of other people, always surrounded by noise and bodies, but one in the Spirit of Christ – brought together by our Love of our Savior and Redeemer.  This is my life right now, and as crazy as it can be, it is a beautiful thing to behold.

Lately, God has been impressing on my heart the idea of Truth, absolute truth.  And that is found only in communion with Christ and in the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit.  But how little do I take hold of this magnificent gift?   How often are we told to hide away God's Word in our heart and nod our heads in agreement and only go home to forget.  Let us not be like the man in James 1, who observes himself, walks away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he is.  Know who you are!  You are a precious, beloved daughter/son of Christ – hold to truth and speak truth.  I will be yet another of those earnestly telling you that without prayer and time in God's Word, you have no absolute base to stand on.  If you know nothing of whom you follow, then who are you truly following but ignorance itself?  

As we prayer-walked today through the area where we'll be doing ministry to those who are in bondage to the Father of Lies – Satan, I found myself constantly praying for truth to open up on these people's lives – truth and conviction.  As you think of the fact that this area has over 200 bars, and each night over 1,000 women working at these bars, think also of the sheer number of men attending these bars – and pray for truth, join us in praying for freedom for this place.  Thank you for the many prayers I know you have already offered up on my behalf, and my team's behalf – please continue.  We are all one body, just many different parts, and some parts may be in America while others are in Thailand  – that does not make one more important than the other.  

…So, for a more light-hearted look at life in Thailand:  we love the 7-eleven, in fact we get a lot of good 'ole American sustenance there – plus our weekly intake of ice cream:-).  We enjoy a beautiful view every morning, we dry our laundry anywhere there's space and woe betide your clothing if a sudden downpour occurs, you might be another day without that favorite shirt!  You wake up…and sweat; you move…and sweat…you eat (and if you happen to take a lot of something spicy which you didn't realize was spicy…well)…you sweat a lot.  But, you do get used to it – and you get used to taking a lot of showers (cold ones at that, not by choice, there's truly no hot water even if you wanted it, which none of us do).  We live in front of fans, you hold your meetings in front of fans, you open every window and door available, and you enjoy the fact that God made some places hotter than others!  Thank you for your support, I treasure all of your prayers!

In Jesus,

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