Goodbye Asia

This is it people…..my journey ends tomorrow when I board the jet plane that is headed home. I’ve been thinking about how to bring this to an end…..and honestly I don’t really know what to say. I mean how do I summarize into one blog what these past four months have done for me. How do I begin to conclude something like this? And that’s just it…..I don’t have to conclude it or put a period at the end, because this isn’t the end. The God I saw and experienced in Asia is still very much the same God of America. So it doesn’t end here, I can’t wait to come back and bring light into the darkness. These four months have shown me many things and among one, that we are children of the light and there is darkness everywhere not just in Asia…..so I’m excited to return and see where God will take me.

Before this trip I wanted control of everything and every part…..and through being broken for the women of Phuket, surviving an Earthquake, living in the slums of Cambodia for the past six weeks, and many other things…..I am changed. Throughout this entire journey, I have been reminded of so much, and I have been challenged so much by the most unlikely of situations. And I can say confidently that God has moved me. I have seen and lived with a people that have nothing but yet possess unexplainable peace and joy. I have learned through mistakes that God gives second chances, I have experienced the unfathomable splendor and bigness of God through natural disasters…and through it all I am changed. These past four months have been the most exhausting four months of my life…… spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. But I would not change it! I would do it again…..ministry is life and so I plan on doing it every day from here on out! Life is too short not to experience the King. So goodbye Asia…..I will not miss your noisy honks or crazy motorbike drivers, or random mystery meats, or weird smells early in the morning. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support….there were times that this was the only thing getting me through! Tomorrow I’m coming HOME!!!!

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