My Wings Of Freedom

The hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life was walk away from home in Kansas and get on a plane alone to head to Georgia for training camp. The most difficult part by far was saying goodbye to my family, hugging them as the tears roll from their eyes and then walking away with the Lord. The whole plane ride i just cried and questioned God why is this something You want? Why do you want me to do this when it is causing me and my familiy so much hurt? I even began to question if this is worth it to go to Thailand.

THEN i got here to training camp and Yahweh came too.

I worried that my team would be weird and none of us would click but truth is, the spirit instantly connected us and we are already sisters. I thought camp would be a time of just listening to people speak about how we should prepare and give us tips but when it came time to be here that wasnt at all what we did! I experienced GOD, we felt his power, His love. We stood in front of people we didnt know and prayed for them by listening to what the holy spirit had to say to our hearts and to theirs. We sang "There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain," and when we sang those words we meant them. We screamed in off key voices out to Jesus and asked Him for freedom in the places we are going, and not only did we believe He is bringing freedom around the world but also in our own lives.

A girl named Mary prayed over me and Jesus sent her a vision about me and it was that i was a bird who had an incredible gift from the King and He wanted me to take it to all the world but that there was something tying me to the ground and it didnt matter how hard i flapped my wings because until i gave that burden up to the Lord i couldnt fly and carry my gifts to those who need it. This girl had no idea that i was stuggling with being held down and that i was putting my family above God but because of her vision i am FREE from that and I thank the Lord for that.

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