Guess what I did for my birthday

So it was my birthday on Tuesday. I'm not particularly big on birthdays, but my team apparently is. They sang to me at least 3 times, one of those times being when they brought me a cake that consisted of Danish cookies with Nutella on them., and matches as candles. But that wasn't the only cake I got that day. We wend out to Bangla road that night to hang out with the girls. At one of the bars we stopped at there were four girsl. We talked for awhile, told them it was my birthday, played some connect four, etc. After awhile two fo the girls walked off, and the other ones brought out Jenga. That was probably the most intense game of Jenga I've ever played. We didn't do the normal 3X3, but this cool thing with sets of five that required to Jenga sets. We seriously got it like 4 feet tall. Just after it fell (it was Amber's fault), the other girls came back. They came back with a loaf of sliced white bread with a candle in it.

For my 19th birthday, I ate cake with bar girls on Bangla road.