Holding on to hope

(from a few days ago in my journal)

Today we walked Bangla Road (where we will be doing our night ministry) for the first time and it was so heavy, even during the day. There are literally HUNDREDS of bar, which means that during peak season there are around 1200 girls working every night. Girls at risk of being purchased and taken advantage of. As we walked down the main road and saw the alleys branching off that were filled with what seemed like an endless amount of bars I felt this weight…this feeling that I will never be able to have any sort of impact because I am too small, too inadequate, too powerless. as I reflected on those thoughts God showed me that they were a lie that satan wanted to feed into my mind to stifle the heart of boldness that God has given me. He also showed me in another way that the thoughts I was having were right..I alone can't change anything going on in those bars I alone am too small. I alone can not win this battle. But here's the thing that satan doesn't want me to know, I AM NOT ALONE. I will not ever be alone, and because of that I am enough. With the spirit of Christ I can move mountains. With Christ I am larger than life. Because I am walking with Christ, the battle is already WON. So while walking down this road all summer and reaching out to these women is going to be hard and heavy I CAN do it. This summer may seem impossible, but the beautiful part about that is that I serve the God of the impossible and this summer I have hope for broken chains. I am forever holding on to hope.

love and miss yall all so much!
Living life in pursuit of Him,

ps. just was reminded of something awesome last night so i thought i'd share :]

I am forgiven. I am redeemed. I have been brought out of darkness and into His light. My God is a new covenant. I am new. I am whole. I have broken chains. I am the start of new generational blessings and the END of any generational sins. The day I rose up out of the water i was washed clean and NOTHING is held against me as long as I am walking in the path of the Father.

the same goes for you, exciting right? :]


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