Introducing our squad

Our squad arrived in Bangkok last Saturday night, and arrive in Chiang Mai Monday morning.  In addition to familiarizing ourselves with the ministry we're partnering with (Lighthouse in Action), we've been spending a lot of time getting to know each other.  So we thought we'd introduce our team to our friends and family so that you'd know who was blogging during the next three months.

As a team we came up with three words to describe each person, so here they are!

Our fearless leader Abby Dapron – Encouraging, cuddly, joyful

22, Missouri

Instagram: abdapron

Adriana Balcazar – Loving, golden retriever, relational

20, Maryland

Instagram: abalcz88



D'Anna Kester – Comforting, bold, free-spirit

19, Georgia

Instagram: dsif93


Jade Davenport – Humble, adventerous, gentle

19, Wisconsin



Juliette Brewer – Down-to-earth, servant, big sister

21, California

Instagram: juliett_paige


Lauren Hutchings – Honest, funny, dedicated

18, Michigan

Instagram: l_hutchings


Maria Walsh – Organized, aware, determined

21, Ontario, Canada

Instagram: travel_dreamz

Seraphina McClanahan – Precious, theatrical, caring

18, Saskatchewan, Canada




Tomorrow marks our first week in Chiang Mai, so look forward to hearing from us soon.

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