Leap of faith

For the longest time I’ve always wanted to go bungee jumping. To be able to face that fear of falling and jump. The thought of it always made me so excited. And now I can say I’ve finally gone. But I didn’t think it would have such symbolism in my life as it has.

Almost all my life I’ve struggled with abandonment.  I needed a plan. I needed control. And I held onto far too many things. Abandoning myself would mean letting go of those things and that’s not something I was willing to do. No matter how many times God kept telling me to just trust Him fully the fear always got the best of me.

….and then I came on this trip.

Ever since the first day, God’s been breaking me and showing me that He is the only thing I need. And that abandonment to Him and letting go of all that we hold onto is not because they are necessarily bad things, but because they can distract us from what’s most important. And that’s Jesus. He is the source of all that we need. Love, family, friendship, joy. Everything. And with Him comes freedom. But, in order to experience that, we need to surrender what we’ve held onto. We need to surrender where we have placed our hopes and securities outside of Jesus.

We have to make a decision in faith and fall into Christ. We have to let go and trust that He will hold us up. And after that first initial fear of falling there’s complete freedom.

So I’m letting go. I have no idea what God has planned for my life. I have no idea what I’ll be doing when I get back home, but that’s okay. Christ is enough and is far more than anything I could have ever gained or found on my own.

So take that leap of faith and trust Him. I promise it’s worth it. 

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