A Love that Overflows!

“But he said, ‘What is impossible with men is possible with God.’” Luke 18:27
As I lay awake last night, really frustrated that I had drank coffee too late, I started dreaming with God. 🙂 I then became thankful for the coffee, because now it was just Jesus and I.
I started dreaming with God. Dreaming of what he is going to do on Bangla while we are here, and after we leave. We will leave God’s fragrance. The road won’t be as dark, because we are there. People will of seen God’s love through our eyes.
God has his plan for Bangla, everyone will know who God is. We want to see the miracles now. We want to see the people on Bangla be humbled by his grace. We want them to see God’s grace, everlasting love. We want to be those people to save all of Bangla. “God wants us to do His will in His way in His timing.”
“Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.” Romans 18:8
Girls, men, families and children that work/go to Bangla are suffering, they are broken. They are looking for happiness and a love that can’t be found on Bangla, and can only be found from the Lord Jesus Christ. He gives us that love, a love we don’t even understand because it is unconditional, and everlasting. His love for us never runs out.
I get to be that love on Bangla, I get to show God’s love through me. God gives me the love that overflows when I am on Bangla. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been prophesied over, and was told that I am overflowing with love and joy, and God has to keep filling me up constantly because I am overflowing on each person I see on Bangla, even if I don’t talk to them.
I pray to God telling him…

“I want you to use my hands. I want to be a miracle. Fill me up, so love pours out. Let me see things through you, your eyes. Let me love like you have loved me. Let me love and change each person I contact, or even each person who sees me at the bars. Let them come to me, because they see you through me. They see something different in me, and they want that. “

Each bar girl I meet, I get to show God’s love. I smile continuously because God picked me to come to Thailand and show God’s love. I grow more eager each day for the nights I get to be on Bangla, because I want to be on the road every night, every day.

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