God brought me back to a passage of scripture this past Monday while praying for the other half of my team who were on Bangla Road.
In 2 Corinthians 11:14, Paul says, “Satan masquerades as an angel of light.”
There are a lot of lights on Bangla Road. Neon, flashing, spinning, glowing—so much so, that I walk out every time with a headache (and all I drink is Coke!).
Ironically, areas in which major prostitution and trafficking take place are called “Red Light Districts.”
I realized this week what that passage was talking about. Bangla road creates an illusion of light…of innocent fun: friends, a few beers, and a night with a foreign girl.
But this quarter-mile stretch, seduces the beholder into its clutches, offering promises that it cannot keep.
Pay for one more night of pleasure. Pay for one more shot of Vodka. Pay for one more girl. In the end, all you have is empty pockets, and an empty soul.
Just like bug is attracted to a bug-zapper, we are enticed by Satan’s false light. Sin is so tempting and may even feel good in the moment. But what about the morning after?
While evil hustles us into its grip, Jesus offers an alternative.

And it's not a set of do’s & don’ts.
God is much less concerned about rules, and much more interested in our hearts.
You don’t see Jesus patting the religious people on the back in the Bible. You see him eating with prostitutes and swindlers and people with contagious diseases. It is a different road, following Jesus. But it is guided by the true LIGHT…One who can be trusted. One who can satisfy the thirst of our hearts. One who offers hope both now and for eternity.
May we live for the Creator of light. And may the lights of Bangla burn out because hearts turn to Him.

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