Safe in the village!

The team has arrived safely in the villages of Thailand!  As you read in their previous blog post, the team split up into two groups and traveled to two different villages for the week. I have been in contact with both of the leaders and they assured me that both groups have arrived at their ministry locations. They are excited to be begin teaching English, working in the schools, and investing in the people of the local hill tribes.

Since they are out in the villages, the girls will most likely not have any internet during this time. However, both of the leaders have their international phones and will be in touch with field support regularly.

The team will be back in Chiang Mai on Thursday, July 3'rd. Once they are back in the city, they will be able to update you on everything the Lord is doing in the villages! Until then, we wanted to let you know that all is well. Be praying for the team this week as they bring the hope of Christ to the hill tribes!

Sincerely, The Passport Team


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