The Team Takes Thailand!

We are overjoyed to announce, both teams have made it safely to Thailand!

They persevered through delayed flights, a missed flight, and 40+ hours of travel! Through everything, the girls kept choosing joy and were able to see God show up in the midst of the craziness!

Currently, the teams are at the ministry base in Bangkok, but their bags are not. However, American Airlines was able to locate all 15 bags and will be delivering them tomorrow or Tuesday. In the meantime, they did a load of laundry, purchased hygiene items, and are learning what it’s like to live with a little less.

I’m so proud of this amazing group of women and how they didn’t allow their circumstances to define them, but allowed God to define their circumstances! They chose to be women of peace amidst the chaos.

Since they chose to focus on the Father, and not the problem, I heard they had some awesome God moments along the way!

If you want to hear all about how God is moving in and through the team, keep following the blog to see updates from the girls soon!

As for now, they will be spending the next few days being immersed in the culture, eating delicious Thai food, combatting jet lag, and bring hope and love to the people of Thailand.

So, stay tuned for updates from the team!

The Passport Team 

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