Train me in Your ways

           Sawasdeekha friends and family!! Welcome to my first-ever blog post. The adventure has begun! We are alive and well in Bangkok. I am beyond excited to be in  this diverse city!! Training camp was great! It was literally Summer camp, but for college students who love Jesus. Camp was complete with log cabins, wilderness and bunk beds. AIM has challenged and enabled us to go into our distinctive mission fields with confidence.

            I love the openess on our team. We have had some awesome bonding experiences already, at camp and with the 24+ hours of travel behind us. God's spirit is thriving in this commnity of women. Each girl is uniquely awesome, but yet we have such similar hearts. God's beauty is alive in each one of us, and I know that we are prepared to carry His name in Thailand.

            My heart for Asia is beating even stronger since arriving. The people are beutiful and after one Thai meal I am convinced the food is the best ever. Tonight we are on our own for dinner which means…… STREET FOOD!! Every corner is full of food vendors. Dream. Come. True. As you can probably tell I love it here and I am so thankful we get to rest before going to Phuket!!

            As you might imagine, training camp involves training. We had multiple sessions, all of which were filled with the Holy Spirit, and soaked in prayer. The training session that was most profound for me was when we learned to prophesize, this means that you listen to God for what He is saying about someone else. By practicing this, we are preparing ourselves to hear the voice of God. It is soawesome how the Holy Spirit is moving!! At one point we were in lines with our eyes closed and people from around the room came to us. Not knowing who they were, we prayed and asked God to speak to us. Sometimes I didn't feel like I got much, but God doesn't have to be profound, He also speaks simply. One person came up to me with my eyes closed, and I faintly saw a cross being raised up on a hill. After I told him, I said "that's all I got." He pulled me aside and proceeded to tell me a story about what that meant to his life. He said "I just want you to know God is speaking to you. Woah ok. In the midst of telling someone else what God wanted them to hear, God told me that He is speaking to me.

             The rest of that night what people spoke over me was that God delights in me, I have barely begun to tap into the strength that God has for me, and that He thinks that I am beautiful. Do you see a theme here? God wants me to take hold of His truth that His power is made perfect in my weakness. I know that and I know that God delights in me, but now more than ever I am taking hold of that truth. May God continue to train each of us in His ways!!

            Love and Blessings,



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