The Spirit’s Power

Back in April in my Core group (shout out : )) at school, we were asked to choose a characteristic of God that we wanted to focus on this Summer. There was a list of what God is in each book of the Bible to choose from. I chose the Spirit’s power not knowing what that would entail, but knowing that the Holy Spirit is a powerful tool that walks with us.

Monday was our first night doing bar ministry as a team. We didn’t find out we were all going out until right before lunch. When I found out, I am pretty sure I did a fist pump! I was so excited! My excitement built all day long. In the afternoon I was on baking duty!! Now I am on baking duty every Monday thanks to Liz and my egg cracking skills. Liz is in charge of baking and we discussed how she wants to create more flavors, and how that is what I love! Yes, I am thrilled!! My excitement was on overhaul as we worshipped before we left. It was beautiful to see the whole team with passion burning in their hearts, you could see the fire in our eyes as we prepared to go to Patong.

We put on our armor as always and stepped out onto Bangla Road, my senses were going crazy. Cars, lights, people everywhere, but I was not overwhelmed. We prayerfully headed to our first bar and the fire burning inside my heart for God and for the girls gave me such peace. We met two really fun, beautiful girls and played Jenga and Connect Four with them. One of the girls is really good and calls herself “champion.” I beat her once and she laughed so hard in amazement! Communicating is difficult, most only know a little English, but we are still able to ask them about themselves. We only stay at bars for 20-30 minutes as to not draw attention to ourselves. They were so sweet and so spunky gave us hugs goodbye. I know that they felt our love for them, and maybe real love for the first time.

We headed down the street, which was much crazier by this time, but walking in the Spirits power and protection, I could literally feel the shield with which God was protecting us. Vendors were shoving fliers in our faces, women with hardly any clothes on were dressed in elaborate costumes, lustful eyes staring at them. On the right, a bar filled with pole dancers and old men with young Thai women on their arms walked past us. The hardest thing for me is not falsely judging the men who had Thai women with them. The desire burned in my heart to steal them away and tell them their worth and to protect the eyes of the children that I saw watching the scene take place. The last bar we went to was the most difficult to walk into for me. There were pole dancers everywhere, and there was a ton of commotion. As we walked in all the girls working at the bars tried to grab us to get us to sit down at their bars. It ended up not being any different talking to the girls in any other bar. All need the love of Christ, just like you and me. It’s like talking to a friend out of love. 

My first night on Bangla Road was so full of the Spirits power, His power over darkness, His power to guide and protect, His power to bring peace and light. I saw a glipse of the strength that God has provided me and it was indescribably awesome. As I saw my teammates at other bars, I could see the power of the Spirit rising in the darkness. I was so full of peace that God had everything in His hands. I now have two nights in Patong under my belt the second was harder than the first for my whole group. I prayed that God would break my heart for what breaks His and it did. I am pumped to see what else the Spirit’s power has to offer as I continue on this adventure with the Lord. Patong is dark and spiritually heavy place and it’s a red light district, but not for long. 

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