A New Day-to-Day Adventure

So, I’m in Thailand. 

I really want to tell everyone what's happening, but I don't know where to start. 

Here's my try:

It's different than I expected it would be. Instead of getting thrown into some big grand adventure my team and I have been thrown into a day-to-day life.

We wake up. We eat cereal. We have a time to study the bible with the Thai women that live here. We teach English to some lovely Korean missionaries. The Thai women help us cook lunch. We help make dolls to raise money for the ministry. 

We get to teach the women English and they help us with our Thai. We'll also be teaching  other things like music, baking, photography, and anything else they want to learn that we know how to teach. That's not for a few weeks though. 

I'll have more words after we do our bar ministry, but right now I'm getting used to being in such a different normal.

I guess this is what big, grand adventures look like sometimes. 

I love it here, and can't wait to share my stories and the stories of the wonderful people I'm getting to know.

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