Much like the beach and the cool modern shops, i can see why so many tourist are drawn to Patong, Phuket… especially Bangla Road. Over 200 hundred bars line the road. All shoved along the streets, venders and loud music make their presence known. There are around 6 Thai girls that work for each bar. Some places even hold raffles for who gets lucky enough to take a woman with them for the night. It’s hard, even as a woman to focus on the reason were here. Even in the day time, market workers try desperately for you to look at their merchandise. Beautiful colored hand bags, name brand clothing for cheap prices. It’s enough to distract anyone. But we were not there to shop. We were there to prayer walk. To see the redlight district during the day. When its completely unarmed and seen for how truly dark it is. Fully exposing the dirty bar stools and gross bottles. It helped seeing it for what it really was. A filthy, evil place.

       As we made our way back up and down the mountain you could see all the pastel colored roof tops, huge tourist signs and distant blue ocean. It was so completely obvious why so many came to visit on holiday. The place has something for everyone. Massage places, water sports, a variety of shops and resturants lined each street. The place is gorgeous. 

      As humans we are so drawn to anything that catches our eye. A pretty skirt, a bright flashing sign, mountains, beaches, and sometimes that can be a huge downfall. 

      Lucifer was beautiful. Think about that for a second…
      When he got kicked out of heaven he didn’t instantly grow horns and a tail. He is still very much attractive. That’s why it’s so easy for us to be drawn to sin. Much like the men who come to Phuket, it’s because the life style is attractive to them. They, in a sense, think it’s beautiful. What we need to realize though, is that there is a huge difference between what is truly precious in God’s eyes compared to what the enemy has tricked us into believing is beautiful. Beauty is so much more than what meets the eye. Don’t ever let what seems beautiful distract you from what is truly precious in His eyes.

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