Before and After…

Here I am sitting in my top bunk with a fan on me. Quite content, it's quiet (which is turning into a rarity) and for some strange reason I am very much enjoying the peace and quiet. 

(plus I had an iced coffee earlier which brightened my day :D)


I know it's been three weeks since I've written on here but I haven't felt led to share anything particular. I could share an average day. I could give some "You know you're in Thailand when…" facts. I could tell some interesting culture stories. I could share my walk with God. Or I could talk about my 21'st birthday last week. hhmmmm….


Before and afters maybe? What about that? Ok, ok I may have something. Everyone embarks on adventures like this with certain expectations in mind. Even if you say you don't you always do (I'm one of those people). Others who have been around the block will tell you, "You're not going to go and impact people as much as you think. You're going to be the one who gets impacted. 😉  You're going to be the one who changes". I knew this to be true, even before I came here. But now looking back I never would have expected this much change.


Before I came on this trip I NEVER prayed out loud unless I had to, not even in a small group of people, even if it was my family. Lame! 


After = Now I LOVE praying out loud, I find myself praying out loud during worship, in the streets, and in bars. Even when the people around me are looking at me like I'm crazy because I'm talking to myself, it doesn't deter me.


Before I didn't think God spoke through me to other people. I didn't think He gave me "words" for people.


After = Now I know that He speaks constantly, He gives words for me, for others, for our ministry. It's crazy to think but He's constantly speaking and its not only through scripture its to my spirit, like a conversation with any human.


Before I came on this trip I thought that the Holy Spirits power in my life wasn't like the way it is in the Bible. I thought that the Holy Spirit played a quieter roll, I definitely didn't think the Holy Spirit could work super natural things now through me. That's something of the past right?? 


After = Now I know that the Holy Spirit is soo powerful. That I have been suppressing it. The Holy Spirit speaks to me. I have a real Spiritual gift, one that is only something that the Holy Spirit can do. I have been given different abilities when needed. Whether it be healing, discerning of spirits (ie. sensing angels), different words/things to say out of the blue that hit home with someone.


Before my God was big enough to keep me safe in the little things. Like while driving, or with finances (as long as I worked hard).


After = Now My God is big enough for anything. He's big enough to keep me safe, He's big enough to heal people. He's big enough to provide everything I need for the rest of my life even if I didn't work another day. He's big enough for my anger. He's big enough to take care of my family back home. He's big enough to give me supernatural gifts to accomplish His work. He's big enough. He is BIG enough. 


These are just a few before and afters that have happened since being here. The more I go deeper with God the more they are going to be I feel. He has some big stuff to show me before I leave. I just know it, I'm going to get to see just how ginormous He is.


I was kinda hesitant at first when I got here and people started talking about how alive the Holy Spirit is, so I skyped my brother and was asking him different questions and He left me with this, "Gloriel, how big is God to you? Is He big enough to show you angels? Is He big enough to move in supernatural ways? God is as BIG as YOU want Him to be. Remember that." 


Soo I've toyed around with the idea, brought it to God and toyed around even more. 


There's so much truth in that statement. Faith is what it comes back to, how much faith do you have?? I thought I was a woman of faith. But man I've got a ways to go. I need more faith then ever! Especially if i want to see God work in more super natural ways. 


Can you tell I'm tired of seeing things that I'm able to explain away? I want more!! 


I  challenge you to want more too! Our God is bigger then we give Him credit for. Miracles are NOT something of the past they are things of the Present. I challenge you to walk in that.

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