Broken and Loved

This week we started our ministry in the bars here in Phuket. We traveled about 20 minutes to a part of Phuket known as Patong where we do the majority of our ministry. This is where you will find Bangla Road. Bangla Road is lined with hundreds bars where over 1,500 girls work in the sex industry. There are girls serving drinks, dancing on the bars, playing games with customers, there are people selling anything and everything and they all have one thing in common. THEY ARE BROKEN.

As you walk down the street if you look up you will see glass boxes with girls inside dancing. There are people gathered around "watching the show". These girls are in these glass boxes like they are animals at a zoo. And if you look into their eyes they are blank and empty. They have no hope and have accepted that this is their life.

After talking to girls in the bars we found out most of them HATE working there. They will tell you they have to take care of their families or they have no money. They had no other choice. They would rather be anywhere than there.

But my Jesus LOVES these girls right where they are. He is crazy loving their broken hearts! He has walked with us on Bangla Road as we have gone into these bars because he wants his daughters to know he LOVES THEM! This has given me hope, even though it is hard, my Jesus will bring these girls to freedom. He will rescue his daughters and bring them back to him!

"For God bought you with a high price.." 1 Corinthians 6:20

These girls have been bought with the precious blood of Christ and my Jesus is showering his love on these girls and on this place!

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