Chasing Daylight

I wrote this on the plane, but could not post till now!


After 20 hours on a plane where it happened to be light the WHOLE TIME, team Thailand has finally made it safely to Bangkok!

…And now it is dark around us, but we have brought the light! Hallelujah! 

Jesus has been good to us all week! He has united us as a team and given us a safe place to be vulnerable, be safe, and to grow! He has spoken to us clearly as we have actively listened and have been encouraged. And now he has called us to love the hurting in Thailand. 



Our first week has been great! We got to see much if the city getting acquainted with Thai culture! We did outreach at some universities, helped some South Korean missionaries practice their English and attend a festival at an elementary school. 

Next week we will begin. More routine schedule of ministering with the women that live with us that use to work in the bars here in Thailand! Please pray that we will be effective ministers in all we do!!