Everyone Needs Compassion, The Kindness of a Savior, The HOPE of Nations

Goodness gracious, I have so much to say and I cannot wait to tell you about my life. Even though I posted only a few days ago, so much has happened here at SHE! I want to give a shout out to all the stinking amazing friends and family that I have! You guys have been incredible prayer warriors, I am so thankful!

God really used my time in the Hospital to show me how much I am loved! It is so hard to express, but I cry on a daily basis because of the amazing love that God has shown me, both through my teammates and all my friends and family. He is so good!

Yesterday I was back to my baking self, and I get to go out tonight! I Chelsea, Benavides do not remember this, but I was told that while I was in the Hospital I was fighting off doctors left and right. My Grandma died 4 days before training camp, and she was the exact same way! She was so feisty, and hilarious and a rebel! It brought me so much joy to discover that I have the same spirit inside me that my Grandma did. She was an amazing woman!

God really has been speaking to me about our time left on this trip. We have one week left of ministry and then 5 days in Bangkok of debrief. God keeps reminding me that He goes out with a bang, that all the promises that He spoke to us at training camp still hold true, and that He has greater things to be done in this city. We have His Hope for the Nations inside of us, and He wants us to proclaim in to the people of Bangla Road. “Everyone needs compassion, the kindness of a Savior, the Hope of Nations.” I am exited to boldly proclaim that to them this week. God has given me such a heart for the Nations, and it is only by Him that Hope holds true and prospers in this world. I am getting a tattoo (wowmom) that Autumn Breeze drew for me pasa Thai that says “Hope of Nations” in the shape of the world. It’s my heart and Hope to proclaim that to the Nations in my life.

Last night we did prophesy, which is where we draw names and don’t look at them, and pray that God will speak to us for that person. The lovely Kelly Harry had me and told me that I still haven’t seen all the power that God has in store for me. God has so been teaching me of His power here in Thailand, and I know that this next week He has many things to reveal to us. I want to walk in that power, the power that says He is not finished with us yet! It has been really amazing to see everything He has in store for my teammates and myself when we go back home. Whether it is another country, student ministry, or coming back to SHE, He will not forget the plans He has for us, and we are forever changed. It’s hard to think about going home because our community here is straight up amazing! I know that we will be friends for life, and that all the truth and love we have shared is not in vane. Praise God for my team!
During worship last night, God revealed to us that we needed to proclaim His freedom in our lives and give things up to Him. Every last one of us got on a chair at some point and our team would tell us what we needed to yell to God. Kirsten told me that I needed to say, “I have a purpose and God hears me.” I yelled it loud and proud, because it’s true and I have boldness in Christ like I have never had before. God is teaching me so, so much, and this last week is no different. It was really beautiful to see all of my teammates get up on that chair and proclaim truth.

Also last night, the team that I go out to the bars with, Sarah S, Amy, Kirsten and myself had an awesome team meeting. It was so good to catch up and express what God is doing in our lives. We were able to express how we feel about our last week, staying in touch and standing firm on Christ our rock. They are so beautiful, and God placed us together for His purpose. We are able to use our unique gifts to serve the people of Bangla Road in unity. I know that God still wants to bring freedom to the captives and release from darkness the prisoners this week and I am so excited!
Pray for our ministry this last week that we would step out in boldness, proclaiming truth. Pray that God’s will be done in us, that His power would be evident to all who come in contact with us. Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead and guide us. Please pray for my back that has been really hurting me. Pray for debrief, that we would be able to process everything and have closure. Pray that we would have no regrets and be more alive with the Spirit than ever before.

Also, please pray for my dear friend. Let’s call her N. I have formed a relationship with her, but she can never hang out because she works everyday. I can’t go and see her too much, because of her bar manager. I know that God is working in her but pray that she would see His light, know her worth and step out of the bar. I want her to know that I will not forget about her and that I still care about her. I pray that she sees His Hope and truth in her life, and whatever God’s will is, that He would speak to her. She really is beautiful and so loving. I want her to know Jesus so bad! Let us love all the more as we see the day approaching. Also pray that we would continue to spur one another on towards love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:23

So loved by Him,

p.s. It would be really awesome if you could leave lots of comments this week for encouragement. Thanks so much! Sorry for the randomness!

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