day to day.

Hello from Thailand!

I just want to give everyone an idea of what our team does on a regular basis so you can be in prayer for us.
We are a team of 25, and we’re split into two groups for ministry.

Basically, team 1 goes out to Koh Sirey in the afternoon to do manual labor for about 3 hours. SHE, the organization we are working with, is building an entirely new facility. It consists of a few houses for YWAM students and other students participating in helping on Bangla. There will be a pool, a coffee house, and a daycare as well. All of this is expected to be done in the next few months. SO, we go out and hack away at clay in order to level out the dam. Some of us pick up rocks and move them to build a road while others plant trees. It’s definitely not what our team expected to be doing when we were here, so it’s been really hard on some of us. We all hoped and kind of expected to be working with people most of the time, so it’s been a rough adjustment, so if y’all could pray that the owner of our hearts would place our hearts in this aspect of ministry, that would be awesome!
All-in-all, it’s for the better of SHE. Also, it’s so great being able to see physical evidence of our presence here! We get the opportunities to literally build the foundation.

Later that night, the same team does intercessory prayer. This basically consists of prayer and worship from 9 until 12. We generally pray over Bangla Road and our teammates. Many of us get visions and words to speak over the girls on our team, and we write them up on a board in order to encourage them when they come back from night ministry. It’s incredible how spot on and relevant our visions and words end up being.

So, while team 1 is at Koh Sirey, team 2 cleans up around the SHE house and goes prayer walking up and down Bangla Road. Then, from 9-12 that night, they go out to Bangla. On Bangla, our team is split into groups of three. Then, each small team goes out into the open bars and talks to the young women that work there. After building a relationship with these women, we ask them for their numbers and call them to set up a date. On these dates, we talk to them about SHE and offer them English classes and training for other jobs. Basically, the women who work on Bangla are stuck there because they don’t know enough English to work anywhere else. So, SHE offers them a foundation that gives them different opportunities.

Some videos to give you a picture of the atmosphere of the road. Please watch all of them if you can. It’ll really give you a good image of what we do and what we face:


Team 1 and Team 2 then switch roles every day. On the weekends, we are blessed enough to be able to have two free days! On these days, we basically just go in groups of three anywhere we want in Phuket (with some limitations for safety of course). We usually just end up going to the mall here to get pedicures or massages for super cheap. I of course stop by Starbucks and get some incredible breakfast. Last weekend, we went to the beach as well. It’s insanely beautiful here! Gahhh! It’s so necessary and so nice for us to get some time to just rest in what the Lord did over the previous week! It just makes all of the hard work during the week feel so good!



Mmhm.. Just wanted to fill you all in on what goes on.
This weekend I’ll try to share with you some stories about how the Lord is working in and through us more specifically!

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