My God is good like that

Today we went to a Thai church service. I wasn't really sure what to expect but all i know is it was beautiful. Only about 0.7% of Thai people are Christians so to even have this opportunity is an extreme blessing. The service was by the beach with about 10-15 thai people and a few girls from our team. They welcomed us and we all sat in a circle while they tried to learn our names (that is always interesting). They gave a few of us instruments to play and i got maracas! So obviously i got down with those bad boys!
Then they gave us song books which had just recently been translated into english and we worshiped together.
They sang in Thai and we sang in english… then God decided to blow my mind.

He said, "Anna, it's okay if you dont know what they are saying because i do. I speak EVERY language. Just love them."

WHOA. God knows every language. He speaks to people in their own language.. WHAT?!
Yeah, thats my Father.

The preacher spoke about Romans 12:9
"Don't Just pretend  to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good."

Thailand is known as the land of smiles but alot of the smiles i have seen have been painted on, like a mask. The love of Christ overflows from you and you cant help but smile when you are one with his spirit. My Jesus is making his love known to these people. My Jesus is giving them real smiles. He is speaking their language and the thing that is crazy awesome is that he is using me to do it. He doesn't need me but he wants me to love on these hurting people. These people who think they know the meaning of love but really have no idea
what TRUE and SELFLESS love looks like.

And that is exactly why God has called my team here. To show the love of Christ to girls who are told what they are worth with a price for the night. We are here to love the sweet family that sells smoothies down the road from us. We are here to love our tuk-tuk drivers. We are here to love the men in these bars that are just as lost. We are here to love the bar managers that want us out of their bars. We are here to love the ladyboys (men dressed as women). We are here to love the people trying to get us to go to a ping pong show.


Because when God's love runs rampant freedom happens.

Freedom is coming to Bangla Road.

Freedom is coming to Phuket.

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