Lord do I please you?
Trying to find the praise from the people I know
Continually breaking down the world you withhold
Begging, pleading, Cant you hear me
Don't you see
All this work I have done, is it not good enough for thee?
Am i an imposture?
Do i disappoint?
I have all this stress Lord, WHERE is my break point?
I haven't been living the life I've cried I would commit
But my friends think I'm legit
see this tattoo, see this verse?
I fool them with my whit
Always trying to show my Christian hospitality
Who I am
What I do
Telling myself the satisfaction is from You.
Look at my hands
Look at my feet
Where have I let god carry me?
Have I been to the sick? Have I been to the poor?
Or have I turned my cheek and ignored
Do i use a highlighter and choose the lines I want to read
Or do i live by each verse, even the ones I mislead.
I am not who God calls me to be
How on earth have we strayed becoming the people of greed
Doubting, Hating, Not committing
Jesus came and gave EVERYTHING
He gave his life
For ME
Am I worthy
Daughter of a king
For such a holy thing
I must get up and be born again
For I see the light and I can hear the hymns
I am so close yet so far away
I must be the image of Christ or my destruction will replay
I'm taking a stand
to be the person I need to be
No more lies to myself or the righteous King
I want to stand before my God and be pure as snow.
& have Christ reflect upon me so much that I appear to glow
I want my relationship so strong, no chain can hold me down
kneeling before my Father, heart pouring out to the point where I drown
So ill ask again, with my heart pure
To my Savior, who i adore

Lord, Do I please you?