Do what you know. Do you know what you know?

There are times in our lives that we don’t have a step-by-step tutorial on what we’re supposed to do next. Most of our life is like that, we’re not sure which move to make or how to make the right choice. The pressure to make the right move is almost unbearable. What if you make the wrong decision? What if you totally blow it? Will the people around me be disappointed? Will my parents be disappointed? What if I really blow it and disappoint God? These are real questions that go through our minds daily. Fear of failure is a powerful and destructive motivator. Actually, my post isn’t about fear and failing. We are all good at finding the negative… but what about the positive? Our relationship with God isn’t based on performance! That is a beautiful, beautiful thing. He doesn’t get all bent out of shape when we make the wrong move or blow a great opportunity.

 My favorite aspect of my relationship with Daddy God is that He trusts me. He trusts me! Almighty King of Heaven trusts me. An example (at a much lesser level) happened a few days ago while we were teaching at a nearby University. We arrived to teach our English 2 class for the day, and the teacher never showed up. She didn’t tell us she would be absent, she didn’t leave us a to do list, nothing. She trusted us to make the best decision based on what we knew. So we did. We did what we knew to the very best of our abilities. God asks us to do the same thing. Sometimes God doesn’t tell us exactly what to do. Like the times when we’re sitting next to a prostitute? I can speak identity, love, and acceptance into their lives. I can speak the truth of who they are in the family of God. I know I can proclaim these things because I’ve learned and experienced them personally. Sometimes we don’t say anything because we’re waiting to hear exactly what God is saying about them.  But we need to be willing to move in what we know, when God’s voice seems distant or still. He trusts us to move in what we know. No matter how clear His voice is, He always trusts us to speak truth and to walk in it. So when times come where you can’t clearly hear His voice, do you know what you know? Wisdom comes from God, His Word and spending time with Him.  It also comes from those who He has put in our lives to speak insight and truth over us.

Through searching deeper into His word, we have begun reading through Proverbs as a team. Today we were discussing wisdom and insight. Both are to be valued and treasured! Let neither slip away or be forgotten! Our relationship with God is based on trust and we need to know what we know so we can walk in it. Do you know what you know?

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