Reality Check

One thing that was really emphasized at training camp was that everyone needed to drop all expectations for their upcoming trip. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, therefore no expectations, right?


For the past three and a half weeks I have been trying to figure out why this trip is so different than I imagined when I wasn't even sure what to expect coming here. 

When I originally heard the word "expectations" I was thinking more along the lines of living conditions, food, ministry,…ect. What I have recently come to realize however, is I did have one expectation, just one that seemed pretty basic for any mission work. 

Leading up to the trip all I could think about was what we were going to do for other people, how we were going to serve others, how we were going to show the love of Christ to other people, I never really thought about how much my relationship with the Lord would grow. I never took into consideration all that I would take away from this trip, or what the Lord would speak into my life.   

Although we have only been here a short amount of time the Lord has already made such a huge impact on my life. I have truly been blessed with such an incredible group of girls who passionately love God and aren't afraid to show it. I now understand why it is so important to suround yourself with a body of believers. The constant fellowship has already helped me grow in my faith in a way that I never expected. I know it will be difficult going back home to a world  filled with selfishness and temptation, but I truly believe that the Lord has placed me here at this time and with these people, to prepare me and strengthen my walk with Him before starting a new chapter in my life. 

As we remain on our journey all I can ask for is continued prayer that we will hear what the Lord is speaking into our lives and receive it willingly in order to reach out to those around us while strengthening our relationships with the Father as well. 

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