Drunk and Broken

Sometimes when we go out to the bars it seems that we are completely invisible. Sometimes it is a good thing because we can slip under the radar more easily, but sometimes even the girls at the bars completely ignore us. So Friday night when we were getting ready to go out, my group and I prayed that it would be a completely different night for us and it was.

God told us to just go to whatever bar we wanted to and just act in faith. So we did just that. Two of my girls had a wonderful conversation with one of the girls at the bars. She knew that they deserved so much more and but has a hard time believing that she does. While those two were having a conversation, me and the other girl in my group was playing connect four trying to talk with a girl who barely spoke any English. And then that is when God brought me her! She moved from across the bar in hysterics and out of the empty bar stools near me, she sat down on the one right next to me.

You see, God had broken her heart for what she was seeing. On Bangla Road, little kids are selling flower necklaces and are basically alone. It blew her mind that someone would send down this eight year old boy to sell flowers at 10pm at night when he should be in bed. She was completely broken and it was beautiful! She was from Australia here on vacation with her boyfriend and God was calling her out, calling her by name. She could not help but sob each time this little boy came hear her to sell her flowers. God was showing her a tiny glimpse of His heart for the injustices of the world, for the ways the world has made children work in strip clubs (as she called it). Unfortunately she had to go to the bathroom and by the time she came back I was already gone. I am praying that I will run into here again on Bangla Road and have a chance to truly pour into her. One thing I know for sure, she will never be the same. She will not be able to walk down Bangla Road and not think of these children. She has been broken, feeling what God feels, and she will never be the same.  Never.

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