Enslaved at 19.

A couple months ago my team and I were on Bangla Road and went onto Soi Easy, immediatly we were greeted by a girl who ran up right in front of me and Austen and yells, loudly, "I AM SO DRUNK RIGHT NOW!" The whole time we talked she was so loud and bubbly and just adorable. It felt like she laughed at everything. We learned that she had only been there a couple months and the crazy thing to me was that she is only 19.

Her name is Am and we have gotten really close, she tells me that she is so lonely and that no one really cares about her but that I am her best friend. She said that she can tell that I mean it when I say I love her. It feels so good to hear that. Any time we go to her bar we are always greeted with a loud scream and bear hug! ALWAYS. Her whole bar has grown to love us, the bartender actually gave us shots of orange juice for free because she knows that we dont drink alcohol!

Two weeks ago we hung out with Am and asked her what she wanted to do and of all things she chose to go to see the Dr. Suess movie "The Lorax." Throughout the entire movie she was cracking up. Then last friday night we went to the beach together, it was just like we had been friends forever, she drug me into the ocean and threw me under a wave and we were just being friends. Two perfectly normal 19 year old girls being best friends.

She is seriously just like every other 19 year old I know, and just because she works in a bar doesnt mean that she is a "bar-girl." Everyone looks at her like she is just another prostitute but she isn't. She is my friend, my sister, and she deserves so much better. The worst part is that Am doesnt fully understand the hope and strength of Jesus. She is young and free! For the first time in her life she is away from her parents, she is drinking and partying everynight, she is getting the attention of hundreds of men daily, she is making a good amount of money! Showing her that she has a greater worth has been difficult. If everyone could really pray for my friend that would be so wonderful. I have been praying that she wants to leave this life that Satan is making look so fun, praying that she hates her job, praying that she can see Jesus in our lives, and want what we have! Please join us in praying for her.

I love her so stinken much!!!

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