Oh what to write…….so much has happened since my last blog, and God has really showed up since the last time I wrote…..so I find myself asking….oh what to write? Well there is a lesson I learned from training camp that seems to be creeping more and more into my life….to a point where now it seems to be intertwined with my very core. So there is this thing called freedom that we so often forget as Christians that I feel if we remembered our lives would ultimately be different.  What we forget as Christians is that Christ died for our freedom, but yet we live like we are still chained up to that wall. But here is the problem….when Christ died the chains fell off, but sometimes we have been chained to that wall for so long that we forget how to move. We forget that our legs have muscles, and that we were not made to stay chained up…..we were made to move. So get off the wall and move, because Christ did not go through what He went through for you to stay how you are. We have been given so much life, so what will you do with it? I have realized this when walking down the streets of Patong, looking at women who are chained and they are fighting to get free. We know the freedom Christ gives and these women are looking for something or someone to come along and set them free. A women I met in the bars the other night looked at me and said, "I know you, I have seen you, I know you from your smile." At first I was confused and didn't understand and then realized we had walked those streets earlier that week to pray over the people of Patong. A smile……could that be freeing to someone? Yes it could, when every night they are forced to deal with people that might not be friendly. I have already seen the people of Puket searching for that freedom….so why aren't we getting off the wall and running to them? Christ died for our freedom so what is holding you back? What is keeping you from doing the thing that you were created for? Bring freedom that Christ intended for you to the people that are desperately searching for it, the chains have been broken!

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