Freedom Rains

                 On Wednesday night, we prayed for big things. We prayed for miracles. We prayed for freedom. We asked for God to rain in this place. To rain freedom in this place. To rain hope.  Jesus brought the rain. And in the biggest storm I have seen, He rained our entire night of bar ministry. As we sat at Beer Bar, thrilled that we were able to give a SHE flier to one of the most controlled bars on our street, we felt the first drop of rain. Silence fell among as and was followed by uncontrollable laughter as we realized God was answering our prayer. God brought the rain. As we were laughing, a bar girl approached us, asked me if I gave a flier to her friend the Monday before, and then proceeded with questions of interest. She wanted to join the SHE ministry. She wanted to know how. She approached ME. She was ASKING for freedom. My face must have dropped to the floor as I stumbled across words to try to calm myself for the opportunity God was providing. Phone numbers were exchanged and God’s perfect timing had again struck. It was time to go to a new bar. The rain, stronger than ever, was pelting us. We splashed through puddles the whole way down the street, carrying our shoes, praising Jesus the entire way for the work He was doing in this place. Praising Jesus for bringing the rain. Praising Jesus for using us.  As we approached our usual bar for the last stop, I stopped quick in my tracks. Catty Bar. Catty Bar. Catty Bar. The words were unshakeable and as I skeptically told my group we were to go there, we were greeted with an empty bar, two bar girls, and the first exchanged words were “I hate working here” followed by “Well, I am helping these friends who give jobs to the girls who want to leave the bars..” Just like that. God had shown up again. Within two minutes, SHE information was exchanged. The girls grew interested. Numbers were exchanged, excitement rose. And to think we EVER doubted God having a reason for us to be here. The rain kept on until it was time for us to leave the bars for the night. And then it stopped. But for the two hours that we ministered, Jesus brought the rain.  He rained freedom. He rained life. He rained hope.

                Since we arrived here, the water has been a big part of our visions God has for this place. Many times we see a wall, with water breaking the top, but not yet pouring over into the city. Well, our prayer team for the night shared that the water broke the city that night. The visions were clear that the time has come. The time is here. God is working HERE. God is working NOW.  The water has come. The rain has come. Freedom has come.

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