The Moments In Between “Ministry”

So often I'm learning that I separate in my mind life and ministry. I wish honestly that I was the only one that struggles with this but I'm guessing that many of you are in this boat with me. Its almost as if in order to encourage someone, tell them about Jesus or pray for them we have to have a big sign flashing "ministry moment". Then after its over we almost pat ourselves on the back and say well done now you can get back to normal life and categorize it as a moment of doing ministry. In reality, everything we do should be ministry. People are around us everyday who need to know Jesus and yet we either like to walk around in blindness to that or we justify in our heads why we can't speak to them. So as I'm far from perfect at making the most out of every opportunity, I'm praying and trying to work on living a life of ministering to others.

It was during one of the unscheduled ministry times that I met a woman named Shandi. I didn't plan on meeting her and becoming her friend, we just happened to stop at a shop next to hers in Patong our first week here. While the rest of the girls were shopping and talking at the one shop, Andrea and I began asking her questions. Now I try and visit her once a week. She is originally from Myanmar but has lived here over ten years. She and her husband live with her family here, but her son who is very young lives with her mother-in-law in Myanmar. She is due to have their second child in April and after 4 months that baby too will live in Myanmar. Shandi speaks very good English, which she has learned just from hearing tourists talk. While she is better off than lots of Burmese people here, the way she lives breaks my heart. She never gets time off and sits at her shop stall selling dresses and skirts 7 days a week morning until night. Last week we were able to bring her some iced tea, as it is very hot where she sits and being 8 months pregnant only makes the heat worse for her. Getting to know her through short visits every week has been good and it will be sad to say goodbye to her when we leave in a week and a half. Please pray that God softens her heart and I am able to share the gospel with her. Also pray for her family, that they too would know Jesus.

I love moments like these where the Lord prompts us and something comes of it. I pray that there are many more of these to come and that I don't walk in blindness to them. I hope that you are encouraged by just one example of living a life of ministry. It would be nice to hear stories from you about how you are taking the opportunities God gives you to tell people about him in everyday life! Feel free to post them in the comments and then everyone can rejoice with you in what God is doing in your area. 

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