The worship here is powerful, I
feel like I am surrounded by angels when my team worships. I have felt victory
in my heart through Christ Jesus for the first time… I never really understood
and still don’t fully understand who God really is. But I felt something that I
have been longing to feel way to long now.

Everyone on my team is a blessing
from God and I already feel like they have helped me grow in tremendous ways, I
can honestly say that they are my family already. When I was on the bus headed
to AIM head quarters I talked to a girl named Kali on my team, she looked at me
and said, “God is BIG!� That really stuck and impacted me because right then I
realized I put my Lord in a box. All in all I can say that I feel like an infant
learning to walk.


Job 6: “Teach me and I will be quiet; Show me where I have
been wrong.�


2 days left till Thailand!!!!

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