Expectations out the window!

    It’s funny when you walk into the unknown still expecting things to go a certain way, and even though you’ve never done it before, your still surprised. I must say that walking into the airport to meet up with my group i really wasn’t expecting to go on a little scavenger hunt into the inner city on Atlanta to where we were spending our night. I can honestly say that i didn’t thing we were going to spend our first night with AIM walking the streets of Atlanta in the middle of the night. Nor did i think we would be praying and speaking to the homeless and drunk that polluted the slums of the inner city. I do believe though that it brought a sense of freedom to all of our group, and a glimpse as to what to expect of the field.

    ” Where you go, I go where you stay, i stay God, where you pray i pray”… Has pretty much been our anthem as our group draws closer and closer to the adventure we’re about to embark on. Its insane how amazing this group of people are and how we’ve been brought together specifically for this one purpose. God’s so awesome! I can’t wait to share what else i get to experience. <3

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