God IS good!! right?! In everything, everytime, everywhere, no matter the situation. Thats something God has been teaching me. Reminding me via His word, my team, and our contact. (Amanada!) I am thankful though, it is good for me 🙂 The reason I say all that is I got on here this afternoon to post a blog of pictures because I wasn't sure what to write. Turns out as I started words just came and I poured out my heart and what God has been doing here and in me. I got to my last picture (because it was still alot of pictures) something went wrong and my computer spazzed out. I couldn't save what I had written and I had to shut it all down 🙁 as I was mourning my loss I had some reminders that God is good! And He is!! Grant it I don't have my blog back but He is still good.
He has been teaching me alot! Our time here has been soo good. Some of you may know that I left on this trip wanting a deeper prayer life. I felt like I was lacking in this area and it bothered me greatly. I didn't like praying out loud and didn't have alot of faith in my prayers (not good I know). It's been almost like a 360 turn around, its amazing! My prayer life has increased soo much! It's off to a running start (almost like a new begining) and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon if it does at all. I love it! God keeps showing me new aspects of Him. His heart for Bangla, our team, and me. Theres going to be some big changes here in Bangla, I can feel it. He's bringing about a change in our whole team. His heart for bangla is so great and its cool to see Him giving that to us.
Bar ministry has been off to a steady start. We haven't had a TON of interaction with the girls yet but it's coming, I can feel it. We have been soaking bangla in prayer (as I'm sure you all have). We've had some really good interactions and positive responses from the girls we've talked to!! God is slowly breaking that place apart. He's constantly reminding us that He's already won the battle and He is in control of what happens down there. He's stirring and I can't wait to see the finished out come.
The other half of our work, the manuel labour. I love too! lol And I'm pretty sure I'm the minority on that hahaha I don't believe anyone really minds it but I reeally enjoy it! The first 2 times to the land (which is where the new SHE center will be) I got to mow! This was no joke mowing though, I'm talking 1 & 1/2 ft high wet grass with a push mower! 😀 Not what I expected to be doing here but I'm thankful. Can't wait to know God deeper and deeper.
Wow! that was more then I intended to write, I will try to update sooner next time! Enjoy the pictures!

Public transportation! 😀

A spirit tree.

Some much need to know words 😉

Amazing! Still in awe…

Watch out for the dragons in temples, they're vicous!

Labour day!

Going to prayer walk at a buhdist temple.

Public bathroom signs 🙂

Worshipers in a Buhdist Temple.

My family!

Our gaurd dog! (we'll see)

Me just being me! 🙂

That's all for now!

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