if you have ever experienced turbulence on an air plane, depending on your anxiousness and how bad the turbulence is, you know the never racking, stomach dropping, praying to Jesus for your life kind of feeling.  On our plane ride from Chicago to Frankfurt we has a bit of rough turbulence for about an hour, give or take a few minutes.  During the beginning it was just some light shaking but there were several times the plane shook a lot and had to drop down beneath the harsh wind currents in the air.  I would pray the lord would steady and the plane would stead for a while but then start shaking again.  So again I would pray and the plane would steady for a little bit then start shaking again.  This pattern happened about three or four times before I heard the Lord speak to me.  “jessica do you not trust me?” he said to me.  “yes lord I trust you.” I replied.  “then do you ask me over and over to steady the plane? Did I not already say to you I have you in my hand and nothing will happen to you?” he said to me the way a parent asks you something that isn’t really a question when they are disciplining you.  “yes, but the plane keeps shaking.” I told him as if he didn’t already know.  “Peace, be still.  I have you in my hand.” He said lovingly, but in that end of discussion sort of tone.
in that moment I began to think.  how often do i when things are hard or not going my way do I pray to the Lord to intervene?  How often has he said peace, be still I have you in my hand.  the truth is when we can’t see things getting better here in the natural realm we assume that things aren’t getting better in the spiritual realm.  but there is a trickle down effect happening.  things must first happen in the spiritual realm then as a result this occur in the natural realm.  this timing is not always our own timing but in the end God works for the good of all those who are called by him according to his love and faithfulness.  we must learn to have peace in the storms and chaos of this world because they are sure to always come.   the  only things that we know for sure is that the Lord is faithful always.  He will never leave us or forsake.  is love cover us where ever we go.  so whether turbulence in a plane or the chaos of life no matter how bad it looks take heart because Jesus has overcome this world and we are forever in his arms. 

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