Hope in Saying Good Bye

We showed up on Bangla with bracelets and flowers on Thursday night. It was the night that we were supposed to say good bye and I was dreading every bit of it. We put together those bracelets that you make in Sunday school with the colored beads, telling about salvation, for all the girls we had connected with. From bar to bar we gave out white flowers and bracelets. It was as if they couldn't believe someone had made something specifically for them. They didn't ask what the beads meant, but we all knew what they stood for. It was the answer to their freedom. We can only pray and hope that someone will come along and tell these women what each color stands for, and the freedom that is intended for them. We gave and received hugs and laid out our hearts one last time, to make sure they knew…..how special they are. Of my time spent here…I can honestly say that my heart was broken for these women. I learned more about the love of Christ in these past two months than I could have ever dreamed of. To end it all, it is tradition to send off balloon lights into the sky for good luck, so our team wrote each lady we connected with on the balloon. We wrote down declarations of freedom and truth to reign over them….and then released it. We gave up their names…..and we can rest in the fact that the God of the Universe knows, loves, and cherishes them. It was hard to walk away, but I must look forward so that I don't miss what God is doing. God did some amazing things here in Phuket, and I can't wait to see what is next. 

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