i know I AM

we were having our normal worship session before ministry and I was overcome with the feeling of needing to write. So I began to write, not knowing what I was really writing, but yet words were flooding the page. This is the condensed version of the story, but it is about a King who was adores by his people, but yet no one had seen him. When people tried to describe him they couldn't imagine him, except for one girl. She described exactly what he looked like, from his scar covered feet to his crown adorned head. No one believed her, and the people shunned her, but then the King appeared and took the girl with Him, because he had been searching for her, His daughter. And as their hands met a tattoo showed up on hers that read "know I AM."
   I was captured by those words, Know I AM. I mean have you ever thought about it? If someone asked you to describe God, could you? Do you know the Creator of the world, the God of all, the King of kings in that way? Can you tell someone his eye color or his look of compassion or just the way his heartbeat sounds against your ear? No, of course not. But he wants you to. 
   After I wrote that little story, we were interceding for the girls as they were out doing ministry and Kayla asked if God was saying anything to us and I said "Know I AM."
   She wrote it on our white board and we continued on. Well I decided to read Isaiah 52. As I got to verse 6, I almost screamed, because it reads like this,"Now it's time that my people know who I am, what I'm made of." Whoa!!!!!! Are you serious? Okay God. I'm ready to know you. Kayla had also had been reminded of the verse Galatians 4:9, " but now that you know the real God, or rather since you are known by God." 
   That's exactly what the story God gave me was about, not only did the young girl know the King, but the King knew her and searched for her. By knowing I AM, we are known by I AM. I will gladly bask in that God, thank you. Walk in that, if you know Him, then be refreshed and renewed that He knows you. 

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