Letting the Holy Spirit Worship for Me

It has always been a dream of mine to be an amazing singer. I so badly want to be able to sign with such beauty that it brings chills to me. I have prayed plenty of prayers asking the Lord to give me a beautiful, angelic voice. My voice still hasn’t gotten there, nor has my ear come into tune for that either.

At training camp, when my leader told us we would be worshiping pretty much every night, I was very excited. I adore the act of worship. Worship is a time for me to come before the Lord and give him praise and adoration. Worshipping here in Thailand is not like it is back in the U.S.. It’s usually just our voices, listening to music from a computer, or some nights when we are really blessed, Malin will play the keyboard for us.

Radha is charge of worship for us. She had been sensing dryness in our worship time and asked if we wanted to sing with just our voices. Sometimes this can be awkward or difficult without the music leading the lyrics. But there we were, cramped into a tiny hallway area singing out to the Lord. As I sat there singing to the Lord, listening to my own voice and wanting desperately to have a beautiful voice come out me, the Lord smiled down on me and I prayed to him.

“Lord, Thank you. Thank you for not requiring me to bring before you money or possessions to worship you. You don’t require me to be a beautiful singers or for me to put on a concert for you.

God, thank you for taking joy in the praise from my lips. Thank you, that you delight in professions of my heart.

Lord, I ask for your Holy Spirit to sing for me with a voice I do not have. Lord, search my heart and let my heart sing a sweet, sweet song to you that human ears cannot hear.”

The next song we sang was: I Love You Lord

I love you, Lord 
And I lift my voice 
To worship You 
Oh, my soul rejoice! 
Take joy my King 
In what You hear 
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear 

I sat there mouthing the words with tears streaming down my cheeks. I felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit inside my chest, singing for me in the throne room of the King. My voice was completely silent, but I knew that the Holy Spirit sang for me a song that night that my voice will never be able to match on this earth. A song of affection and love to my King.

It’s beautifully overwhelming to think that I will worship the Lord, my God for all eternity, giving him the praise, adoration, exaltation, and worship that he alone deserves. I am beyond blessed to be able to reach up to the heavens and bring a piece of this worship down onto this earth.

"Clothe me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever." Psalms 30:12

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