I’m flying to Phuket, Thailand instead of Atlanta

I’m flying to Phuket, Thailand instead of Atlanta.

   3 weeks ago, God clearly told me and gave me a lot of confirmation that I needed to stay behind after my team left to go back to America in November. He said I needed go to Phuket, Thailand for the month of December. 

  So why Phuket, God? I have definitely heard of it… Phuket is an island in the south of Thailand known for three things: beautiful beaches, tourists, and trafficked girls. It is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. The bars in Phuket are much darker and busier than the bars in Chiang Mai. 

    There is a Christian organization there called SHE (self help & empowerment); SHE is dedicated to building relationships on Bangla Road, one of the most well known red light districts in the world; these woman are trafficked from all over the world to come work on Bangla Road. SHE is also dedicated to helping woman find a better way of life after they escape. I will be staying and working alongside SHE for 1 month. December is in the middle of high tourist season in Thailand, which means there are about 4 times as many woman working in the bars than during the rest of the year. 

    At this point, I want to be home for Thanksgiving. I want to be able to walk and drive places by myself without danger. I want to be able to not struggle with a language barrier everywhere I go. I want to go to my home church instead of long church services in Thai that I can’t understand. I want to wake up every morning without being covered in sweat and bug bites.

…..But what I want even more than all that is to continue to love the people in Thailand; the ones working in the bars who are trafficked or left without any options. I want to teach more English to give women better opportunities in life. I want to sit at McDonalds with more flower girls, laughing as we smear ice cream all over our faces. I want to build relationships with more girls who work in massage parlors 16+ hours a day and tell them about Jesus. 

     God is telling me to do something that can only be accomplished by His strength in me; I know that when we put ourselves in positions that give Him alot of room to work and show up, trust builds. Even though faith is a gift, stepping out and going where He has called us will bring more faith, confidence, and intimacy with Him. He said to me, “Go now! Don’t wait for ‘someday’. Living in Phuket will teach you a lot and give you a better picture of where I am leading you.”  

     How can I say, “No” to that? I can’t! So, after my team leaves, I will be crossing the border into Malaysia, renewing my VISA, then going to Phuket, Thailand for a month; I will be returning to Atlanta before Christmas!

Please be praying for me. I have support here and I will be safe, but prayer is always needed.  Thank you so much for your continued love, prayers, and encouraging words!

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