Getting Rid of Baggage

Getting Rid of Baggage.
This is the first blog I have ever written so please bear with me if it isn’t all that good at first trust me, it will get better. =) Hmm, what can I saying about training camp? IT WAS AMAZING!! I loved it and I totally needed it. At first, I wasn’t really that excited to go to training camp for four days, maybe like two to give me some preparation but I felt like four would be a drag. It definitely wasn’t! It was so needed and I am so grateful for all the leaders and staff that helped us grow closer to God. In these four days, God spoke to me like crazy. He removed a lot of baggage that I was carrying on this trip that I needed to let go in order to move forth with the Lord and it also gave me a word of prophesy.

I know that God had a reason for me being on this trip and on the third night of training camp I got another confirmation showing me that I am at the right place at the right time doing what God wants me to do.
One thing that changed my life on training camp was the baggage hike. One session was about the unnecessary ungodly baggage that we might be holding and bringing into our trip. The baggage may be Shame, regret or fear. There were a lot of spiritual strongholds that I brought with me that I knew it would only hinder my walk with God, and I was more than ready to give them all up.
So I literally picked up a five pound log and wrote on it all of the baggage and strongholds that I was holding on to. After that the leaders pointed out to a trail and told us to follow the red tape. The trail took me to a lot of ups and downs. I climbed over things, ducked under things, walked across bridges and scaled very steep hills. The hike was excruciating, there were many times when I wanted to give up but I thought to myself, I want to get rid of this baggage and I no longer want to be a captive to the enemy’s lies and schemes. He will no longer have a foothold over me. Walking up the two-mile hike the five-pound log felt heavier and heavier. Finally at the end of it, I saw my leader and she prayed for me and it was just an amazing experience. By getting rid of that extra baggage the Lord helped me to stop living in my past of regret and hurt and He helped me to live in peace and freedom and I am ready to move forward. I am no longer a slave to the enemy but I recognize that I truly am a servant and daughter of the Most High.

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