important team update.

10:39 am:

This will be our last update here, unless something else occurs.  The tsunami alert has been officially lifted, and the team is safe for the night.  We are thanking the Lord for their protection in a scary situation.

9:17 am:

Our contacts in Thailand are continuing to watch the threat, but are cautiously optimistic that it has passed. Obviously this is a scary situation, especially for people in the area who remember the devastation of the tsunami in 2004.  The team was not all together when the alert was released, so several of them saw and felt the panic of the moment.  However, the team is all together at their base now and are taking precautions and waiting out the alert there.  

7:58 am:

Some of you have heard the news of a large earthquake off the coast of Indonesia that has triggered a tsunami alert across the Indian Ocean.  Reports are varied at this time, but a second earthquake occured about 2 hours later, and the location of that quake could reduce the possibility of a tsunami.

We have heard from our Passport team in Thailand and they are in a safe location while following updates on the ground there.  Based on their information, it's not looking like a tsunami will actually occur, however, they are taking precautions and staying in their location until the threat passes.

Communication is limited, but we will continue to receive updates from them as we are able.  We will post any updates we receive here on the blog.

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