Instant Jesus

It’s funny how I don’t realize how much I like instant and want to see results until I’m not getting results and things instantly.  I also don’t realize how faced paced my life is until it slows down. For example, even a simple thing such as walking, think about it, how quickly do you walk places? For me rarely do I take my time and actually enjoy and pay attention to what is going on around me.  When I walk somewhere I’m on a mission to get from A to B fast. When I wash my clothes at home I don’t have to wait for them to dry because I have a dryer. Same with when I cook meals if I really needed something cooked fast I could just put it in the microwave. Or if I don’t have food I can just jump in the car and go get some. 
Here life isn’t like that. We walk everywhere that is close or we can get on the bus. The bus, while the locals claim it comes on the hour, doesn’t always seem to have a schedule. If I want clean clothes I have to think ahead to give them enough time to dry in a humid climate. You may be thinking, surely these things don’t effect your day that much that you would write a blog about it. Well, actually they do. Not in the way that you may be thinking.
It’s because of how much we get used to having results instantly that makes this battle for the women so much harder. I think in our minds we had this view before coming, that we would go in and talk to a woman and instantly she would tell us she wanted help. Then we maybe wanted instant Jesus to be poured out on her so that she could be saved and baptized. However, this isn’t always how these things happen. I believe that Jesus could work a miracle and have a woman out that fast but we have been finding that it takes a while to build relationships with these women.  They don’t always want to talk to us and so it takes perseverance to keep going back each week and talking with them.  Each time we go out we have a team prayer walk the area in the day and each night a team is always walking around prayer walking. When it’s our turn to do this we can be blinded to the value in it, but this is what is going to bring break through to this area. We believe that light cannot be we with darkness and when God’s light comes to these streets the darkness will have to flee.
So this is where we are. We have some women we are able to talk to and keep going back to but its taking time. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray that these women come out. Pray that all the ladies on my team keep fighting for these women through prayer and in conversations with them. 

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