Invisible, Yet Seen

Time is flying fast. There is about a week left of ministry here in Phuket and then we will be in Bangkok for about a week doing final debrief things. 2 weeks left. And I am no closer to figuring out what's next for me after leading this trip. After this trip it is just blank- a big white canvas with nothing on it. In a way it is quite exciting because anything can be possible, but at the same time it somewhat scares me to not have a clue where God is taking me next- that anything indeed is possible. Sometimes it just feels that I am completely lost even though I know I am right where God wants me. And then God gave me this . . .

 "Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen."  Psalm 77:19

It is God's path for our lives, but yet His footsteps are not seen. He leads the way, He makes the path straight,, yet so many times we do not see the footprints that made the path to begin with. God is always there- even through the sea and the mighty waters- and is always guiding us, even if we do not directly see Him.    His hand is always there. His footsteps are always before us even if we don't see them and all we can see are our own steps.  It does not mean that He is not there, not right there with us, or has not prepared the way ahead. 

It all comes back to Trust, Faith, and letting go of ControlGiving up my expectations for His. Once again giving up my will for His. 

 Even though I have no clue what's next, God has shown me over and over again that He knows and its okay if I don't. He has it taken care of. And will let me know when He wants to- His timing is always perfect. All I need to do is keep drawing closer and closer to Him. To keep seeking Him out and everything else will just fall into place. With my eyes and heart completely focused on Him, there will be room for nothing else. Goodbye control. Hello complete faith and waiting for His timing.

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