Jesus said, tell them i love them.

You know that moment when Jesus is like, "Tell them i love them."?

And he says it over and over and he gives you that perfect moment to share who he is and how he loves.
Yeah well there was no doubt in my mind i was supposed to tell Bea* that Jesus loves him. Bea* is a lady boy that we met the week before and we had come back to visit him.
We talked about what we had done during the weekend and then BOOM.

We had talked about church and Jesus before but this time he basically shared his life with us. He shared with us the persecution he had faced and harsh words spoken to him
by proclaimed lovers of Christ. He said he knew that Jesus loved everyone but sometimes
he doubted if he really loved him because he was really a boy.

Immediately i heard Jesus say, "Tell him I sent you here because I love him."

So i began to share exactly how i knew that Jesus loved Bea*. I was able to share with him about the Jesus that died so that our sin would have no hold over us. I told him about the Jesus that valued
him so much and LOVED him, really loved him. A Jesus that claimed him and calls him, "mine". Bea* spoke about sin and explained he knew that all sin was the same. And we got to share with him that despite those things he is LOVED and cared for.

 His smile was beaming as i spoke and as my teammates and i held his hands. I was praying that Jesus would wrap his arms around his son. You could physically see a difference in Bea*.

This smile was REAL. Not a fake, painted on mask but a genuine, full of joy, smile.

AWESOME THING: Bea* wants to go to church with us this sunday! My Jesus has such a great big plan for him and i can't wait to see what that is!

"Now this is what the Lord says- he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine."

My friend Bea* was formed by the almighty God. He has been redeemed by my Jesus. Jesus looks at his son Bea* and says, "My son, you are mine."

And he is slowly revealing to Bea* what it means to be the son he created him to be.

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