We have been here for almost a month now.  We are in a routine of things.  Working on the land, childrens ministry, bar ministry.  I look back and think of how fast the time went by.  What did we do?  What did we accomplish?  All i can think is that maybe we cleared a few branches, made some kids happy, and told some women about other options that they didn't seem very interested in.  So can i say what we are doing here is successful?  How can success be measured?  Who can measure it? 
     It is a lot easier than i thought it would be, and at the same time alot harder.  I look back and not many things stand out in my mind, save one thing.  It's funny how we think we will go somewhere and change someones life and in turn our life is the one that gets changed.  We are the ones who end up seeing things differently, learning new things, and coming out with a different perspective.  It's hard to know in life what you are learning while you are learning it.  It's easier to look back on a point in your life and see what you have learned.  For that reason i feel that i cannot express in words the emotions that i am feeling.  Maybe in time, i will be able to see a blank piece of text and be able to fill in entire pages of what has happened on this trip and what i have learned, but not today.  But i have come to personally know some truths that i will hold fast to.  God is faithful.  God is the giver of perfect peace.  God is full of mercy.  God is persistent.  God is bigger.

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